Meet Amanda

Amanda Holliday is the powerhouse behind Amanda Brooke Interiors.  She is has redefined limitless, by taking on global projects of all different sectors.

Coming from humble beginnings, Amanda has always had an attraction to aesthetics. She started with a passion for fashion and pivoted to high-end interior design during her college internship. 

As soon as she made the decision to switch careers, she hit the ground running and didn’t take no for an answer, getting her start with zero connections in the Houston area, she cold-called firms and got her foot in the door with her tenacity and eagerness to learn. 

She fell in love with the hard work, details, and execution that come with the job. No longer star-struck by the glamour of interior design, she’s mastered tailoring each project to the client and their journey, while integrating ABI’s signature design aesthetic. 

Amanda founded ABI on the principles of connection and excellence. Inspired by her travels and experiencing other cultures, she’s been able to give clients perspective and understand their needs in order to elevate each project to its fullest potential.  

A day in the life of Amanda is a balance between self-care and selfless work. She starts each day by getting ready. She finds a meditative state somewhere between her Tata Harper serum and Dyson Blowout. Once prepared and feeling her best,  she greets her team with a warm smile and cup of tea while they tackle what the day brings. After a full day of balancing her upcoming projects, presentations, and social media presence. She opts for a run to clear her mind and center herself. Finishing off the day trying the latest and greatest sushi spot.

One thing we can all learn from Amanda is to invest in yourself, find your interests, and pursue them with full force. We all have the power to tap into our abundant potential.

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