The Ultimate Guide to Designing an Entryway

Setting the tone is essential! Your guests knowing what the mood is before you say anything makes your life even easier. Let your entryway do the talking for you and make the perfect first impression. Your space should be cohesive, memorable, and welcoming.

Thomas Pheasant

Let’s walk through the tried and true ABI design process, to give you insight on where to start. We usually start in one of two directions, the wall treatments or statement piece of furniture that suit your space and needs. This can be a round table, console, or bench. This piece will ground the space. Some pieces can serve as storage for keys, bags, outerwear, or shoes. We always recommend having a surface area for smaller accessories that will come into play later. Adding seating to your entryway is a great way to customize the space. Besides being a functional piece for your lifestyle, seating can also be sculptural. Consider the three-legged beauty in black oak if working with a lighter color palette. Adding intrigue can break up a monotonous moment.

Walls can create a major wow factor! We recommend painting, plastering, or cladding the walls to add texture and dimension. By making this choice at the beginning of the process, you will have a better sense of direction. 

Once you have a clear path for your entryway, try sourcing unique artwork or sculptures for the space. This can manifest itself in a variety of ways. The pieces selected should showcase your personality and convey the desired sentiment. Consider a gallery wall, tapestry, or travel souvenirs to take guests on a journey.

Shawn Henderson

Entryway lighting plays an important role in setting the mood. Accomplishable with a chandelier, wall sconce, or well-placed floor lamp. When working with a small space, make bold choices that make a big impact.

Accessories are key! We cannot emphasize this enough! This can range from candles and vases to coffee table books and trays. Accessories can provide function and aesthetics, making the piece more impactful. Mirrors, for instance, can make a space look brighter and larger by creating the illusion of space.

Amanda Brooke Interiors

Entryway storage has always proven to be a must-have. With a stunning chest, you can stay organized and keep grab-and-go items. Compact storage is also useful for small spaces. Keep your entryway neat and organized with a stylish coat rack, purse hook, or umbrella stand.

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