7 Elements of the Perfect Wabi Sabi Interior

Wabi-Sabi is more than just an interior design style. It is truly a lifestyle. “Wabi-Sabi Nurtures all that is authentic by acknowledging three simple realities: Nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect.” According to Zen teachings, there are 7 key principles to Wabi-Sabi.

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Simplicity is essential to Wabi-Sabi. Kanso can also be the elimination of clutter. Zen emphasizes that there is beauty and elegance when omission is achieved. The best way to go about removing the nonessentials in your space is to keep the present in mind, too many hypotheticals of what you might need in the future can end in an overcrowded space. Although this is easier said than done, the Bellantonio Rotating Drawers make concealing your necessities simple.

Much like Kanso, Shibumi can take on more than just an idea when it comes to art and fashion, it loosely translates to “effortless perfection”. A Wabi-Sabi-inspired bowl is chic regardless of the overall aesthetic, they express a timeless unassuming vibe in any space.

Shizen is literally nature, but also a concept that incorporates the Buddhist teachings of the three marks of existence referring to human nature. The idea is that nothing will last forever and in life there is suffering. This manifests in design with the use of naturally occurring patterns. You can incorporate a bamboo lamp to add lighting and warmth to your space or even a track to illuminate a countertop or bar area. The shell-like pattern is a subtle way to bring in Shizen.

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We believe in the magic of interior design and Yugen perfectly describes the grace and spontaneity that comes with diligent design. Our favorite way to integrate Yugen is with organic dishware. The dark color and effortless shape create a stunning backdrop for your next culinary creation.

Zen gardens have a sense of stillness and tranquility, referred to as Seijaku. It is possible to replicate this principle in your own home. By conserving a good amount of open space and grounding your space with a wabi-sabi coffee table, you will be more likely to achieve serenity.

Wabi-Sabi evokes a carefree attitude that makes the style so pleasing to the eye. Datsuzoku is the zen philosophy that carries that vibe into your space. It celebrates freeness and an escape from the ordinary. This raw stone fire table embodies this principle perfectly. The freedom and warmth of fire always draws a crowd and can be enjoyed alone for peaceful reflective moments.

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In order to fully embrace the wabi-sabi style, one must let go of conventional thinking and practice Fukinsei. The most stunning wabi-sabi pieces reflect organic irregularity seen in the natural world. We suggest incorporating wall art that epitomizes asymmetry and “imperfections”.

Wabi-Sabi is perfect for the minimalistic traveler or one who prefers a peaceful connection to nature. Utilize the above principles in order to capture the wabi-sabi lifestyle.

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