About Us

About Amanda

Amanda Holliday, founder and principal of Amanda Brooke Interiors, is an American designer based in Houston, Texas. From an early age, Amanda was drawn to aesthetics and the creative, first pursuing a degree in the fashion industry and then returning to study interior design. After working for many years in commercial and residential design, she opened her firm in 2019.
With a keen eye for quality and style, and an incessant exploration of material, form, color and space, Amanda’s design approach is an intuitive balance of both contemporary and vintage, architectural and organic; creating a unique sensory experience tailored to each client and their journey. She is an expert in experiential storytelling through your space.

The Firm

Amanda Brooke Interiors is a multidisciplinary, full service design team which is dedicated to the highest quality of service, innovation and attention to detail. We believe timeless design is created in the integration of history, modernity, culture, refinement and unconventional imagination.

What Inspires Us

Driven by our clients and the untapped potential of their spaces, we understand the transformative power of our environment. Details are what make a space come to life. Like a director orchestrating a play, every selection is made with care and precision, always drawing on complementary styles and eras to curate a space that is uniquely reflective of each client and their journey. Let us bring your characters to life – let us tell your story. ​


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